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Benevolent Care

It is not shameful to be in need. The loss of a job, an injury, death in the family, or accident can all lead to unforeseen hardship.Our benevolence ministry cares about what you are going through and is dedicated to providing assistance whenever possible for your physical and spiritual needs. Here at CCV we believe in taking care of our family when they are in need.

Favor de notar: Les pedimos a los solicitantes que hablan Español a traer un intérprete a las entrevistas planificadas.

Bread Runners

The CCV Bread Runners Ministry delivers meals to families who have experienced a hardship, such as illness or death in the family. Volunteer cooks will make meals and deliver them to families in need. It’s our way of showing that we care about the every day challenges that some families face and how we can reach out to serve them in their time of need. If you would like to volunteer for this ministry please contact Danielle at .

Bumper Bag

Each month, CCV runs and hosts a food drive called Bumper Bag. On the last weekend of the month, members of the church can bring food items to church with them and place their bags behind their car bumper before service. These items get picked up and brought to our Bumper Bag Market located on the San Dimas Campus. Families in need can shop for free groceries and a free BBQ is provided as well.

House 2 Home

Our House 2 Home ministry is designed to share the love of Christ by helping families in need of general repairs or small renovations. The goal of the ministry is to help transform unsafe houses into safe homes for families who are unable to take care of the work themselves for either financial or physical reasons.

House 2 Home is open to people of all skill levels, from contractors to general clean up volunteers.


Doing ministry as Jesus did ministry means going to people to meet their needs. Ripple is an outreach group that strives to involve kids to do just that – meet needs beyond our walls. The smallest act of kindness ripples into the greatest blessings.

Families with kids (ages 5 and up) meet two Thursdays a month to strategize and organize an outreach focus. Each meeting includes doing or making something to offer as an act of kindness to someone in need.


Kaleidoscope exists to change the lives of local at-risk children through school based enrichment, tutoring and mentoring programs and in doing so, empower the next generation one child at a time. The word “kaleidoscope” derives from the Greek words kalos (“beautiful”) + eidos (“shape”) + scope (“to look at, to examine”): “looking at beautiful forms”. As CCV members invest in children at local schools, they will be unleashing the God-given potential of each child – ONE CHILD AT A TIME coming together to make a beautiful multi-faceted picture of beauty (Ephesians 2:10)

Outreach Trips

Each summer, we send out global outreach teams to different parts of the world. You can make a huge impact by going on a trip! We are working on our trips for 2017. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Abhijeet Lall at .

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Michael Kisaka
Interim Outreach Team Lead
Abhijeet Lall
Global Outreach Pastor
Danielle Frazer
Mobilization Director
Mercedes Baeza
Kaleidoscope Director
Nancy Hopstein
Benevolence Care Director
Royce Panzarini
Outreach Operations Director / Administrative Assistant

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