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by Helena Heredia | March 15, 2016

by Helena Heredia | 03/15/2016 | Volunteer Writer

I’ve worked behind the scenes in ministry for a while now. I’ve known some great leaders and some not so great leaders. I’ve even known some really bad ones. And I bet you have too. And while there is no formula for what makes an exceptional leader, I have noticed one trait that the great ones that I have known all have in common: they are servants FIRST.

According to my super scientific Google search, to be a servant means to be “a person who performs duties for others.” Simple enough right? But as Christians, we know this goes so much deeper. To be a servant of God means to put others above yourself (Phil 2:3), to humble yourself to show care (John 13:5) and to meet the needs of those around you (Matt 25:34-46).

How do these things go hand in hand with leadership? Well, I don’t know about you but nothing speaks louder to me than someone leading by example. It’s really easy to say all the things you think good leaders should say and to read all the books and go to all the conferences to hob nob with all of the other leaders. It’s a lot harder to BE that leader when no one’s watching. To seize opportunities where you are able to serve someone else and do it out of a heart that is seeking Christ.

In the church, someone can preach a great message or lead us in a time of devoted worship, but something about seeing those same people setting up chairs or picking up trash speaks to me in a different way. They go from being gifted and talented to being gifted and talented leaders who are not above doing the little things that there are no microphones or stage lights for. They get the big picture. They understand what’s at stake.

Good leaders know that people are watching them all the time. They know that every step and every course of action is important. In what areas of your life are you a leader? Are you a CEO, a small group leader or a parent? A Little League coach or a student body president? Whether you know it or not, as a Christ follower you are an example of what servanthood should look like. And the way we lead has huge implications. People either see Christ in us or they don’t. If you are a leader in any capacity, I would encourage you to pray for the heart to serve and for God to give you opportunities to do so.

Serving allows us to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Serving allows us to be the hands and feet of Christ. Leading allows us to invite others to join us on the path we’re forging. Being able to do both of these things is not only a privilege, but a wonderful calling that God has placed on us. I hope we can live up to that calling together.

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Helena Heredia
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