3 Reasons I’m Not Worried about the Election


by Denise J Hughes | November 1, 2016

My Facebook feed typically has pictures of my friends’ lunch or snapshots of their kids’ latest escapade with glue and glitter and scissors. There might even be a funny picture of someone’s dog, having chewed up the umpteenth shoe. But as the presidential election nears, it’s become impossible to scroll through something as seemingly innocuous as a Facebook feed without encountering—sadly—some of the vitriolic comments about the two primary candidates.

Our nation seems more divided than ever between red and blue.

And while I understand the many polarities this election brings, I’m not worried about the outcome for three reasons:

  1. No matter who is elected, God is still in charge.

God isn’t biting His nails over who to vote for. He spoke the world into existence. With just a word, He created the stars and gave each their name. He gathered the ocean waters and set their boundaries.

We serve a God whose power knows no bounds.

Remember when the Hebrews were exiled in Babylon? God turned the heart of an unbelieving king to announce that His people could return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple (see Ezra 1:1-4).

God is sovereign. Nothing can happen outside His reign, and He reigns over all.

  1. No matter who is elected, we still have a government designed with three branches and many voices.

Yes, the executive branch of the government is powerful. But one person alone is never the totality of our government. God can—and often does—raise up leaders from within who can influence other leaders with wisdom.

Remember Joseph? God raised him up to become second in command under Pharaoh of Egypt, and it was through Joseph’s leadership the nation was spared from severe famine.

And what about Esther? God placed Esther in the palace during a time of need to be a voice the king would listen to, a voice of reason and compassion.

  1. No matter who is elected, we are still called to pray.

God’s people are never without the power of prayer. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave now lives inside every believer (see Ephesians 1:19-20). And we are called to pray, today and always. For our neighbors, our community, our nation, our leaders, and yes, even our enemies.

No heart is beyond God’s reach.

Perhaps the best thing to come of this election is a great body of believers, from the West Coast to the East, falling to our knees in prayer, seeking God’s wisdom and direction. Because we know our true citizenship lies in heaven (Philippians 3:20).

I’m registered to vote, and come November 8th, I’ll wear my “I voted” sticker. Because it’s a dear privilege afforded to me by the brave men and women who have protected our country with their great sacrifice.

And regardless of the election’s outcome, I’m not worried. Because our God is greater.

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  1. Set aside a few moments each day to pray for our nation—for the leaders and the voters. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction. Pray for His peace and His comfort. And pray for an opportunity to share with a friend why you’re not worried about this election.

Denise J Hughes
Denise serves as the editorial coordinator for (in)courage at DaySpring, and she’s the author of the Bible study series Word Writers. She reads three things every day — the Bible, NFL.COM, and PACKERS.COM — sometimes in that order. You can connect with Denise on Twitter or Instagram @DeniseJHughes.