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Rooted is a journey! In the course of 10 weeks, you’ll meet with a small group of people to discuss what God is showing you as you go through that week’s readings and experiences.

Rooted is an experience! Your group will share two experiences in addition to your weekly small group meeting. The prayer experience and serve experience will launch your faith to higher levels than ever before.

Rooted is high demand! Rooted is about transforming ordinary people into fully devoted followers of Christ. Change like this is not easy and so Rooted costs time, money, and dedication. Rooted includes 5 days of homework each week, a commitment to participate in your weekly small group, and the 2 group experiences.

Rooted is a celebration! Rooted concludes on a Friday night with all Rooted groups coming together to celebrate how God is working. At the celebration, Pastor Jeff will encourage and challenge you to make a commitment to continue your Rooted journey.

Why Rooted?

Rooted isn’t just another Bible Study, it’s a way God is working to transform us. Through Rooted you’ll begin to see God in new ways. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time or are new to faith in Christ, Rooted has the potential to have a bigger impact on your spiritual growth than anything else you do this year.


CCV’s Rooted Experience kicks off 3 times each year in the Winter, Spring and Fall. We ask that you participate in at least 8 out the 10 weeks to get the full Rooted experience. If you are not able to attend 8 out of 10 sessions during a quarter we suggest waiting to register until the next session.

Fee: $35 (Includes workbook, celebration dinner, and other materials)
Scholarships available upon request.

Childcare is available (0-kinder) for the 2 Rooted group sessions (1 at CCV Etiwanda and 1 at CCV San Dimas) for a total of $20 per child.

Our Fall Rooted experience will kick-off on September 17th at San Dimas & Etiwanda campuses, and we will join together one more time at the San Dimas campus on November 22nd for the Celebration. All other meetings are held at various locations/days/times. Click below to find a group that fits your schedule.