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Kaleidoscope exists to change the lives of local at-risk children through school based enrichment, tutoring and mentoring programs and in doing so, empower the next generation one child at a time.

Our work is grounded in the belief that each child is God’s workmanship, we as volunteers are equally God’s workmanship and our ministry will be advanced through intentional reciprocal relationships pointing both members toward the Kingdom. Our work is grounded in the hope for all people to live out their God-given potential claiming the abundant life Christ pours on us. This process requires commitment, time and faithfulness in order to steer towards completion. Our team members must count the cost and yet, we will create varied levels to allow for both the volunteers growth and the good of the children.

The word “kaleidoscope” derives from the Greek words kalos (“beautiful”) + eidos (“shape”) + scope (“to look at, to examine”): “looking at beautiful forms”. As CCV members (and other like-minded partners) invest in children at local schools, they will be unleashing the God-given potential of each child – the beautiful forms Paul describes us all as being – “God’s workmanship,” ONE CHILD AT A TIME coming together to make a beautiful multi-faceted picture of beauty (Ephesians 2:10)


We offer volunteer ministry opportunities at three local schools – Glen Oak, Workman Avenue and Cypress Elementary School. Programs occur one hour a week Tuesday-Thursday 2:30-3:30pm

A Kaleidoscope Tutor is responsible for leading a weekly 1-hour reading station for a group of 5-10 students, and following the Kaleidoscope tutoring routine while encouraging and motivating students to grow academically and socially.

A Kaleidoscope Mentor is responsible for weekly meetings with one mentor student for an entire school year including, tutoring the mentor student, playing games of interest, and acting as a positive role model while making a lasting friendship.

Enrichment Leader
A Kaleidoscope Enrichment Leader is responsible for leading small groups of Kaleidoscope students in an enrichment activity, such as soccer or drama. An Enrichment Leader will also assist the component lead in leading a large group of Kaleidoscope students, while encouraging and motivating Kaleidoscope students.

Prayer Partner
Responsible for praying for and encouraging one assigned mentor/mentee relationship and meeting with assigned mentor, monthly, for one school year.

*Kaleidoscope provides training, support, and resources for all positions. Previous experience is not required to volunteer with Kaleidoscope.

For more information, please contact:
Outreach Department
909.592.2282 x120


CCV is proud to partner with Kids Hope USA in providing mentors for children at Workman Avenue and Glen Oak Elementary School. Mentors must commit to one hour a week to meet with one child for one school year.
Learn more about Kids Hope USA

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